Roster Pro Registration

Bethlehem Soccer Club is primarily a travel soccer club.  The registration for the U6 and U8 Fall 2016 Academy program is now OPEN.  Please clikc here to register



Travel Team Tryout Registration:

Bethlehem Soccer Club online tryout registrations are now CLOSED.  Please contact coaches directly for tryout opportunities. 



·    To determine the age your child would try out for you would take the seasonal year from the spring season and subtract your child’s birth year.  The result is the age group you will play in.  For example, we play next season as the 2016/2017 season.  Again taking the year ending the season (2017) and subtracting child’s birth year (2006) you get: 2017 – 2006 = 11.  Your child would play U11. 


U9 Boys – Kristin Spang -

U10 Boys – Ron Myer -  

U10 Girls - Kristin Spang -

U11 Boys – Bill Horvath -

U12 Girls – Stephan Ohl -

U12 Boys – Ken Wycherley -

U13 Boys – Eric MacIlroy –

U14 Girls – Brian Lynn –

U14 Boys – Shane Burke –



U9 Boys – Completed

U10 Boys – April 30th & May 7th

U10 Girls – Completed

U11 Boys – May 1st & May 7th

U12 Girls – May 2nd & May 7th

U12 Boys – May 1st

U13 Boys – May 7th

U14 Girls - May 7th

U14 Boys - May 7th

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