Good luck travel teams!

This weekend kicks off our travel soccer season here at Bethlehem Soccer Club.

From our oldest teams at U13 to our youngest who are just beginning their journey at U9, and every team in between, we want to take the time to wish all of our teams the best of luck this fall season!

Here are some things to keep in mind this season:


- Model good sportsmanship.
- Expect commitment from your children.
- Allow coaches to coach – if you want to coach, there are many openings.
- Support your team, coach, and players.
- Make only positive comments from the sidelines about BOTH teams.
- Do not harass children from the sidelines on either team.
- Do not interact with the officials at any time.
- Dress your player accordingly.
- Pick up your trash and water bottles, help keep our home fields clean!


- Show good sportsmanship.
- Do not criticize other players.
- Show respect to teammates, coaches, referees and opponents.
- Strive for excellence.
- Be aware that teamwork, competitive spirit, and winning  go together.


- Model good sportsmanship.
- Teach with patience.
- Be committed to take the time and effort to help children improve.
- Address lack of sportsmanship with children and parents.
- Provide a fun, positive learning experience.
- Encourage inclusion on the team, draw in quiet/weak player.
- Obey player participation rules.
- Recognize success.
- Show the children you care about their performance via your enthusiasm and hard work.
- Demonstrate courtesy to the other team by not running up the score.