Board Meeting Minutes March 2017

Bethlehem Soccer Club

Board Meeting at PJ Whelihan’s

March 23, 2017 at 8:00pm

Minutes of the meeting taken and transcribed by Kristine Blake (Secretary Bill Blake absent)

Meeting called to order at 8:13pm

Present: Bill Horvath, Stephan Ohl, Joe Russo, Kristine Blake, Rob Taniser, Nalisha Tahir, Licia Paulus

President Report – Stephan Ohl:


  • Will take place April 30, 2017 and May 7, 2017
  • Coaches do not need to hold formal tryouts if, for example, they have 14 spots on the team and 14 kids trying out; just let them play and do some foot skills

New Fields:

  • Starting next year, the new fields behind Gregory’s off Airport Road will be open and available to use
  • Two fields will be open in Spring 2017 and two fields will be open in Fall 2017, but BSC will not move there until Fall 2017.
  • Crawford fields are going to be turned into baseball fields

U9 – U10 Teams:

  • There is no U10 Boys coach since Joe Spang resigned
    • Discussion was held about concerns that there wasn’t anyone with enough experience available to coach and that it is unfair to the players and the coaches if the coaches don’t have enough experience
    • Trajano Bastidas has agreed to be a Master Coach to basically train the coaches on how to run a training session for the next 1-2 years
  • Nalisha Tahir (currently the Academy Director) has agreed to coach the U9 Boys team

Open Positions:

  • Field Coordinator position is still open
  • Licia Paulus will be handling the website only
    • Licia asked for clarification on her responsibilities for the website and Bill and Stephan told her, “When we need something put on the website, we will tell you.” J
    • It is ok to put kids’ pictures up on the website, but no kids’ names



Vice President Report - Bill Horvath:

Tryout Dates:

  • Tryouts will take place on April 30, 2017 and May 7, 2017 from 5:00pm-7:00pm
  • For travel teams:
    • Tryout results are to be announced by May 14, 2017 or earlier and should be expected via email
    • If you see phenomenal players at tryouts, offer them a spot on the team before they leave tryouts that day to have a better chance that they will decide to play for BSC, rather than going somewhere else if they get another offer while waiting to hear from BSC
    • The last day of the Spring 2017 season is May 14, 2017

Field Set-Up:

  • Field setup (including fresh coat of paint) scheduled for Saturday, March 25th at 10:00am
  • Shane Burke’s team will be practicing on Friday nights by the Crawford game fields and he will get some high school kids to do the line painting when needed

Other Miscellaneous Items (Several Add-on topics):

  • Discussion about how there are a lot of teams like Parkland, Macungie, LVU that are moving to other more competitive leagues at the older ages, so there will be less competition in current league, but BSC wants to build its teams to also be able to play at the higher level


  • Reminder: Encourage people to buy spirit wear, as the Club makes money off those sales


  • The last year for the current uniforms is 2017/2018; In Fall 2018, there will be new uniforms with a new vendor; Uniforms generally cost $100


  • Teams are encouraged to enter tournaments: each travel team is subsidized $500 that can either be used to help pay fees for tournament(s) or to help pay fees for indoor season


  • Starting in Spring 2017, the new Master Coach for Academy will be Michael Baclawski



Treasurer Report – Joe Russo:

Bank balance/Expenses to be Paid:

  • Bank account currently has $47,800:
    • Still need to pay approximately $2,200 in ref fees and over $2,000 in game field rental costs, and league fees.


  • Finances for 2016:
    • The Club has been just about breaking even for the last 3 or 4 years
    • This year, the Club had some bigger expenses like Goal-Keeper Training, New Goals and Line Painting.

LVYSL Representative – Rob Taniser:

League Updates:

  • Discussion on licenses – no action taken
  • EPYSA insurance covers Club directors and officials (BSC does have additional insurance too)
  • The District Commissioner for EPYSA is Lenny Brown
  • Roster Limits:
    • The Roster sizes for U.S. Soccer will be followed:
    • U9/U10 can only have a maximum of 12 players starting in Fall 2017 (it is 14 players max now)
    • U11/U12 can have a maximum of 16 players
  • If there are issues with a ref, the contact person is Hal Grahn (he is on the LVYSL contact list)
  • Two new clubs were added to the league: Northeast United and Cantolao USA (both teams are about an hour away)
  • Coaching Requirements:
    • U15 and below: E or Level 6 (NSCAA)
    • Above U15: D or National Diploma

Sponsorships/Fundraising – Rebecca Daley absent/Stephan Ohl reported:


  • Nothing to report
  • Discussion about possible fundraisers at Dairy Store or Menchie’s because owners will allow us to stand out front and handout flyers promoting BSC (not all places allow that)



Academy – Nalisha Tahir:


  • The future looks bright!--almost 90 players signed up for Academy, which is more than the Club has ever had; a big goal is make sure the younger players stay with the Club as they get older


  • Discussion took place about when practices should start, and it was decided that the first practice will be Wednesday, March 30, 2017; Nalisha will send out an email ASAP



  • Practices will be every Wednesday and Friday


  • Spring pictures for Academy will be May 7, 2017



  • Discussion about the fact that there may need to be make-up games on Mother’s Day—suggestion made that the Club will pay for carnations or roses for the moms if any games are scheduled that day.

Background Checks – Jen Cirillo absent/Stephan Ohl reported:

Update: Nothing to report, except that all clearances can be accessed through links on the BSC website

Social Media Coordinator – Susan Ohl absent/Stephan Ohl reported:


  • The Club did a massive Facebook blast during Academy registration, which cost about $600-$700, but the number of “likes” went from 300 up to 500 and it reached to other zip codes outside the 18017 zip code (which is usually the main focus) and 2,765 people were reached!

Field Coordinator/Equipment – OPEN POSITION – Stephan Ohl reported:


  • The Club does not need any new equipment

Club Registrar – Stephan Ohl:

Update: Nothing to report

Next meeting: PJ Whelihan’s on June 15, 2017 at 8:00pm

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm

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