In-House Recreational Soccer

In-House Recreational Soccer is designed to give begining players confidence.  The entire focus is on fun while learning individual ball skills.  Each week teaches a new skill and continues to reinforce the previously learned skills.  All games are small sided with the player count not to exceed 5 vs 5.  We only play against our own club.  During games - no scores are kept and no goalies are used.  There are two age groups.  The age group is determined by your child's age on August first of the current year.  

U6 - This is a very introductory program based on the basics of dribbling.  There is some parent involvement during practice.  Games will be incorporated into the sessions like, freeze tag and red light / green light.  Learning to walk and run with a ball, while doing simple turns is a key component.  

U8 - This is a beginner level program based on dribbling and an introduction to passing and shooting.   There is limited parent involvement during practice as we are getting players ready to play travel soccer in the next year or two.  We will incorporate games into practice with some competition.  Advancing from dribbling to passing and shooting as the season progresses.  

We do not teach positions at this age. Soccer at this level is to be enjoyable and not identified by position.  

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