Our statement on multi-sport athletes

BSC's statement on kids playing multiple sports:

Here at BSC we support multi-sport athletes.

We feel multi-sport athletes are exposed to more physical, mental and emotional skill sets by participating in a variety of sports.

Yes, BSC does expect an 8-9 month commitment to our travel soccer teams. However, we will try to work with our parents to schedule practices and games within the typical schedules of other sports. Our travel players also participate in football, flag football, ice hockey, skiing, basketball, tennis, wrestling, lacrosse, MMA, baseball, and on and on.

We feel the lessons, team work and physical tools that our players learn in those sports only helps them reach their overall potential as an athlete, which in-turn, helps their soccer game. This also helps a player from burning out too quickly and reduces the chances of overuse injuries.

So get out there and try other sports. Just remember to get a little dribbling and juggling in during the offseason to help keep your touch on the ball!

Mike Derr
Vice President and Registrar